EHR Billing & Records.

Our Medical Records Staff is trained and interned in medical transcription, medical billing and medical coding. EHR compliant.

Specialists trained for EHR needs.  Traditional transcription and coding combined with the savings of EHR.  The best of both worlds.  

Medical Transcription Service

EpicSolutions’ medical transcription service with state-of-the-art overflow ability.  Fully trained and interned specialists.

Our Transcription and Overflow Service provides accurate, flexible choices for clinic or hospital. U.S. based medical transcriptionists.

Medical Billing Service

EpicSolutions provides full-service  Medical Billing & Accounts Receivable service nationwide.

EpicSolutions will provide a completely integrated Internet-based billing and staff management system.  Our staff is trained and interned for your needs.

Medical Billing & Records

EpicSolutions provides flexible options to fill the coding and billing needs of any healthcare facility.  

EHR compliant. We deliver edited or traditional patient records quickly and with superb accuracy.  Reduced costs, improved patient care and faster workflow.